This is why the President recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel is a big deal

Why the fact that the US acknowledges Jerusalem and Israel is a big deal. 

I’ll use an example from a movie. Bridge of Spies. When the East German government tries to negotiate with the US regarding the captured US student in East Berlin. The same reasons apply. 

It’s about being given “Legitimacy”, especially by a major power. By the US saying “Yes the US recognizes that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel” means that: 
Israel is a valid and legitimate country, &

Jerusalem is the capitol of that country. 

Palestine, Egypt and Saudi Arabia do not recognize the right for Israel to exist; and, they themselves are our allies, the US acknowledgement is a big ol’ slap in their political face. 

Historically, the results of War is that the winners get to make the rules. S
Stemming from World War II, the Allies, but specifically Great Britain, took land from Palestine to give to the Jews, on behalf of a shamed world, for the atrocities done to them as a people, with out asking permission (the United Nations didn’t exist yet). It’s much like you selling land in Florida, but you’ve never been there, you don’t own it and you don’t care about the people who do own it… but because you have more power, more authority, and more money than the people who do, they have to do what you say. 

Since Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, is the birth place of 3 religions, and the Book of Revelations says that the end times will begin when the Jewish Temple will be rebuilt on Temple Mount. Temple Mount just happens to be where Muhammad ascended to Heaven, and the 3rd most holy place in the Muslim faith, makes the acknowledgement even more problematic. 

Essentially, I see no good coming from this announcement. In fact, it’s quite likely that the announcement could start world war 3, or the end of days in the book of revelations.
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A Country in Crisis?

I am a chronic pain sufferer. There is no cure for what I have. I’m not complaining about my lot in life, I simply want to tell my story. 
I live every day with pain. Every single one. I have meds that can help with managing the pain but they are not magic pills. Plain and simple, they make the pain more bearable so I don’t lose my mind when the pain really, really bad. Its a life of precarious balance between not enough to relieve the edge & too much ruining my kidneys. Sometimes it’s ok, many times it’s quite a bleak sufferance. It’s something I don’t wish for anyone. Period. 

There has been a trend in my life for the last year or so. I have not spoken of it, but it’s very noticeable to me. It impacts my life in a big was. And, while I didn’t know what the cause was, I have quietly worried. My worry? That there will come a time where I will not find a pharmacy to fill my meds. Nearly all Pharmacies in my area will not fill my prescription. At the moment, I am paying $75 more than I need to because it’s the only pharmacy that will fill my script and they are aware of my situation and do their best to accommodate me. They are NOT CVS. 

I have a harsh point of view when it comes to people & addictions, be it Opioid, Alcohol, Diet Pepsi, Big Mac or Twinkies. If they want to kill themselves, let them. It’s harsh, I know. But here’s the thing, and all people that have addictions (mine is Diet Pepsi and that’s no lie, I about lost my mind with out it during Hurricane Harvey), the only way to over come it is to want to do so. 

If you have an addiction and want my help to stop the madness, I will be the first one in line to help you. I will do everything I can to help you, give you strength, distract you from that bitter beast, and give you the shirt off my back if need be. You have to want it though. There is no chance of recovery if you don’t want to recover. 

I don’t think the current “crisis” needs more education. I knew in 5th grade, that drugs were bad, prescription, recreation or a combination of the two. 

I don’t want any of you to think I’m being harsh or cold, because I don’t mean it that way. But if I have to choose a life of bearable pain versus a life of pain so intense I’m almost unable to cope, then I choose me with less pain. I’ve been very close to that line that is losing reason because of pain, and let me tell you, it’s not a line, it’s a cliff.


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Post Hurricane Harvey – Dirty Little Secret

If you have been watching the news about Harvey, but you didn’t get flooding either in the Street or worse, I your house, you don’t know Harvey’s dirty little secret. The media know about it, but definitely aren’t talking about it. So what is “it” what is the secret?  Looting. Yes, looting. 

The first day of the flooding, for us, was August 26th. That very day, at around noon, a man was stopped from looting in the middle of the day, by the home owners neighbors. That night, one of the homes at the front of the subdivision, closest to the road, a looter broke into an occupied home and was chased off. 

On the 27th Emergency personnel made their lives easier if the flooding continued, and also made the looting easier also. Each home that did not have occupants had a day glow orange “C”. If the hom was inhabited, there was a day glow “H”. 

That night, my neighbor heard the house behind him being ransacked and chased the looters off with his .45

My point is, I don’t live in a bad neighborhood. Quite the contrary. I live in a good working class neighborhood that is safe, patrolled by police. One of my neighbors is on Houstons SWAT in downtown Houston for the court houses. 

If you ever Watch the News, then you know it isn’t being talked about. I know it’s happening because ppl i’m working with have similarly stories and issues. I get it, I get why looting isn’t being talked about. When an entire city, 6.5 million people, has nearly everything they love destroyed, moral is hugely important. 

Now, Florida will be going thru the same thing. I am praying for them. 

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Hurricane Harvey – Not a Political Issue

I want to set the record straight. I’m seeing on Social Media that the folks that did the saving in Harvey’s aftermath were folks who “voted for Trump”, from many circles. Depending on which state your in, I’m a “far left” or a moderate or a conservative.
I want you to know this isn’t about politics. In fact, it’s about people. It’s not a democrat or republican issue. It is kindness, selflessness and good old fashion human ingenuity issue. 

I’m a Harvey survivor. 

The problem with this country, primarily in my humble opinion, is that people like to place labels instead of seeing people. 

 I thank every damn one of those folks who have helped and are still helping. Both men AND women. So far I’ve survived a flood, looters, lawlessness and watching neighbors being air lifted from the roof of their homes from my own front porch. 

I have strange men from a distant state walking my neighborhood at night to keep me safe. And I can damn sure tell you that they don’t ask me if I’m on the left or right, democrat or republican, or if voted for Hillary or voted for Trump when they have my back.

I am a proud Texan, by transplant. I am a proud American. I have seen Harvey bring out the absolute best and the absolute worst in people. 

I ask you to re-read what your writing. To re-think what your thinking. Look at it from my point of view. When it was 3 am and I was wondering how I was going to get my dad, an 87 year old man who has problems walking with out wheels, into waist deep water then into a highly elevated vehicle, do you think I was wondering who the person who might be rescuing me voted for? Do you think I was wondering “are they a republican or democrat”? No. I was thinking, please dear merciful God, don’t take all of the things I love in this world, because I can’t take it if you do. 

I title this photo “Things that are matter”

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Tuesday PM updateWe are still dry. We have water that was higher than this morning, see my pics. I have done two facebook live videos (can’t express how proud of myself for that feat) showing the water build up. In addition, the last live video showed two USCG Jawhawk helicopters doing roof rescues in the neighborhood behind us which is closer to the bayou. The link to the video below.

I will do another facebook live in the AM. The National Media is not showing the proper point of view. There are so many good people here helping other. New York SAR drove 36 hours to help. We have seen the Cajun Navee in our neighborhood. I strongly urge you to watch streaming footage from to see the real houston. 

There are spontaneous shelters going up and ready in a couple of hours. To my best guess, in the big shelters alone, there are 40,000 displaced. But truly, I suspect that the number is double that because of the churches that have been opening their doors with out media presence. 

I am now in love with the Army Corp of Engineers. They have been continually monitoring the Addicks Reservoir water shed, which is where our flooding is coming from, and earlier today they saw that there was a need to expel additional water than what they originally planned. They increased the output. It’s a blessing. So far the water has stopped rising. (Keep your fingers crossed). Both Lil’ Bit and Jenny have been in the front yard exploring. 

They will have to pry us out of here with a crowbar. I remain cheerful and optimistic. 

Things that matter:

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Humanity is not Lost

For folks not in Houston, the national media has understated the depth of the Flood. As of Noon today, 6 Trillion gallons of water has fallen on the Houston area. By the way, it’s been pouring here since Noon. 

80% of houston is under water. Over 6 trillion gallons of water had been dumped onto Houston as of Noon today. 

Folks from all over Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and beyond have driven to Houston with their boats, they have picked the furthest spot the could and deployed their boat and just started hauling people out. When each one of them was asked “Why did you do it” the response was simply “it’s the right thing to do”. The generosity and selfless and optimism of all, rescuers and rescuees is touching and frankly, overwhelming. Humanity is not lost. (I’ll admit it thought it was)

There has been looting by a whopping 4 people who were promptly arrested and thrown in jail. There has been no other looting. I have never heard, in my living memory, of a disaster of this size where there was almost no looting. Amazing. 

We are fine. We have power. Pray for the rain to stop. Not just for us, we have our own worries to be sure, but of the thousands and thousands of those who are with out. 

Wow! The Empire State Building just dimmed their lights for the victims of Harvey. 

Just Wow.

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Harvey the Horrible

You know, every time I think the world has gone to hell and there is no hope for the future, i’m reminded at Humanity’s greatness. 
Houston is comprised of 4.5 million people. They are hot, cranky, they can’t drive for anything, and generally make every attempt to be difficult to others. Almost always. But then, every once in a while, Houston shows what a kind and generous group of people they are deep down. The generosity of Houstonians is surprising at first, but it is truly what we’re known for. Every time there is a disaster, Houstonians gets together as “Neighbors helping neighbors”. Time and time again, they step up and show how everything that is bias and hate can be put aside to save lives. 
The stories today are quite simply heartwarming. The local news media ABC13 organized, of their own accord, a neighbors helping neighbors volunteer system. If you had something like a boat or an elevated vehicle, you could call them and they would tell you of an area of need. 
One man drove from Tomball to Houston, a 30 minute drive normally, took 3 hours. He had a flat bottom boat and went in rescuing people. People have been going to hard hit areas with blow up mattresses to get people out. People are taking their inflatable tubes, for when they’re playing in the water, out into neighborhoods of complete strangers to help out. 
The news media has been amazing, too. Relatives of stranded elderly have literally been calling the TV station asking for help because the older folks can’t walk and no one has come to help. Rather than brushing them off, the Station has been sending their news reporters in to find them and get a boat in there to help get them out. 
If there was more Neighbor helping Neighbor and less fighting, bombing and missling, the world would be an excellent place. 

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