I am an Empath. An Empath, or Empathic Person, can quite literally feel the “energy” or, feelings, or drama around the people we are connected to in our daily lives. For example I am quite close with the folks I work with. We are both colleagues and friends I have often surprised her by knowing what emotions she is feeling and she hasn’t ridden to work yet.

In one of my Empath groups, a member ask what should be done. The ex of the relationship was mean, manipulative and quite enjoyed messing with the supposed girlfriend. To the point if possible harm. The friend of this person, and the ex who’s the sociopath. She wanted to warn the new girlfriend, but also wanted advice from other Empath. My opinion is that We Empaths Re special and need to follow a different set of rules. My answer to her is below.

As Empath, we want to save the world. It’s what we expect of our selves because we know so much. The thing is, in most cases, people need to learn their lesson it the hard way. And, because folks don’t understand how we can “know” what we know, they will not believe nor want to hear what we have to say. It may very well be part of that persons life lesson, the lesson their soul must learn; and, telling them may set them on a course that is less favorable or completely different from the path of the lesson they must learn.

My Nana always used to say MYOB, mind your own business, but feel free to offer support, kindness and love after the fact. She also told me that I must never tell them I knew it was going to happen, because it will make it worse for them or myself. And besides, no one, including we Empath, like to hear “I told you so”.

We are the support system for the human race. Because we feel what they feel, we are capable of helping to pick of the pieces of a shattered life. I feel it’s my responsibility. So I offer comfort and understanding where I can, but keep the “woo-woo” stuff to myself. Close family and friends, too, if they are directly effected.


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One a long time ago…

I once was listening to a Psychic on a podcast I love listening to, The Unnormal Paranormal podcast, and this psychic said that while there is reincarnation it is unusual. He said that the folks who came back did so because they needed redemption for something terrible they did in their previous life and when he reads them or talks to them, the one distinguishing thing about them is that they don’t want to be here in the time they’re in. 

It’s of interest to me because I have always believe I’ve been born in the wrong time. For as long as I can remember, I felt I belonged in the 1920’s. That time period just feels the most comfortable to me, from the music to the lifestyle to, just everything. I just don’t feel like I belong now. Life is too fast, people are too rude, there is no genuine pleasure in life anymore, that I can tell. 

I spend much of my life slowing it down. Everything anymore is way, way too fast. There is no personal interaction, there is no comradely. If people do interact, they are rude and thoughtless. Common courtesy isn’t that common anymore. People dot feel incline to care for anyone but themselves. 

That’s my take, anyway. I could be just as delusional as the res of the world. 


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Kindness in a mean, mean world…

Part of this blog is a way to express my emotions, rather than sucking up all the energy from the world around me and pushing them down deep. Repressing emotions, for an Empath such as myself, is a necessity. The internalization of emotions from another person by an Empath can lead to a multitude of health problems. Here are but a few: undefined Anxiety, Migraine, Stomach Pain, High Blood Pressure, Angina, Depression, Lethargy, Sadness, spontaneous Weeping, Withdrawal from life, etc.

One of the things that is hardest for an Empath is the sudden onset of intense emotion for no known reason. Last week, sitting in my office I was just fine, when suddenly I was effected with a huge influx of intense sadness to the point of weeping. It came right out of the blue. It came from the center of my being and felt so intense I was in physical pain. I was able to say to my self “Is this mine?” My answer was really easy, No it was not mine. I was sitting there working on a spreadsheet and while I might have been bored to tears, it wasn’t worth crying for and It was not mine. It was an amazing epiphany because to this point in my life’s journey, I was able to say no, this wasn’t my emotion and was able to let go of the feelings and return to my own emotions. 

As I re-read this I think that people who are governed by logic and do not get overwhelmed by any feeling, let alone their own, will likely laugh out loud. It sounds rediculuous for someone to say that they take other peoples intense emotions for them. If we think back, however, to “cave,an” days when humans were more in touch with the land as hunters and getherers, this type of people were quite important for they were the ones would could be counted on to raise an alarm when life went sideways. The logical folks were the ones who increased efficiency on hunting and technology. They, too, were needed to improve life and make it easier for a group to survive together. I have no proof of course, but it has a logic to it and makes sense to me. I’m not all woo-woo after all, I have a degree from university in a science. On of the best things about that degree was that they tought me to question everything. That’s what the scientific method is all about, consistent provable and measurable responses. While I can’t prove that I am feeling these things, I can certainly measure them and repeatedly draw them from others. 

My hope, is that I help others, though to be honest, I think I’ll likely just get an abundance of critics who think i’m nuts and have no compunction about telling me so.





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I have a huge need, now that the whole world has gone nuts, to release some of ,y emotional turmoil. I’ve missed writing and no long carry the fear of blogging that I’ve been carrying. I left that luggage in the lost and found and hope it doesn’t recognize me as I occasionally walk by.

Today, I went to one of my favorite places, the Dr.s office. You might think that this is a strange thing, to love going to the Dr office. Well, it really not the office per se, but the building itself. This place has a strong hold of American veterans. I love them, one and all and I will run wildly to shake the hand of anyone there who is wearing their veteran hat.

Todays victim was both Korean and a Korean War veteran, of ’53. And when I said “Thank you so much for your service” his response was one I’ve never had before. Simply “Thank you for this beautiful country.”

That truly made me proud. With all of the hate that is going on in this country now, and he’s is still great full for the life the USA has given him.

It makes me think that I should start a project where I take a pic of myself with every Veteran I thank. It’s seems like they should be remembered by someone other than family when they’re gone.


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I’m an Optimistic Romantic

I find that the more things are up in the air, the more I gravitate to my “true self”. My true self is a romantic and an optimist. Of course we all have some self serving fatalistic stuff in our inner being mixed with a little despair. 

I find that the toughest part about being a romantic at heart, as am I, is that our ideal is so far above what mere mortals (non-romantics) conceive is love. We romantics spend much of our lives alone and lonely because of our dedication to that perfect love. We are all so unique that no one has the same finger prints… Not even identical twins. There are over 6 Billion people on earth. So, finding your one true love in 6 Billion minus 1 people may take some time. 
Ironically, the older I get, the more I believe that the romance is truly unattainable but the more closely I cling to my beliefs in that love. Only time will tell if this is a segment that will appear in my life’s storyline. I hope on.

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Ballad of a Soldier

I am a soldier. My name is freedom.
I walk in the valley of the shadow of death.
I fear no evil.
I stand for courage, compassion, dignity, and life.

My love is democracy.
I am the light in darkness.
I am the sword of the meek.
I do not hate.

My code is Justice.
I do not pale in the face of danger.
I will not turn a blind eye.
I do not tolerate transgression.
I am an Eagle.

I empower the weak.
I march boldly.
I cry quietly.
I sleep lightly.
I love unconditionally.

Call me in the night,
I will come.
Pray for me in the darkness,
I will bring the lamp.
Whisper my name,
and I will hear.

I am the blood of innocence.
I have not one face, but many.
I am a mother, a father, a son & a daughter.
I am no one and I am everyone.

I am a soldier and Freedom is my name.
By Juli Bailey
© 2003 All Rights Reserved

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Giving Back to the Community

About a week ago, I applied for the position of 911 Teleoperator. In my cover letter I spoke of the need to give back to my community, hoping not to be dismissed because I’m of a completely different background than the typical applicant. 
I received word that my application has not been weeded out, i.e. that it will move forward and I may actually be called for an interview. 
I really hope I get the opportunity to do this job. I know it will be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I think it will also be so very rewarding. To have the opportunity to be there for someone who may be going thru the worst moments of their life… Well… So very valuable. 
So, keep me I. Your prayers. 

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