Hopes and Dreams

I’m feeling a little down today. About 3 weeks ago I went on a first and second interview both of which went very well. I hit it off with two of the 3 folks I would have been working with and felt that the other fella we could work well together, though we were really divergent personality types. 

I hadn’t heard anything for a while, even though the recruiter and I were in contact. The fellas at the perspective company said that they were really busy. But the reality was that this was not the case. They told the recruiter that they found another candidate with stronger engineering skills. Though I wasn’t told, I’m almost sure that a friend was let go right about the time I had my second interview and they decided to hire him/her. 

I’m very, very disappointed. There just aren’t many jobs out there. The last job I applied to had 100+ other folks applying for the job. The one before that was 150+ candidates. There is no way to get a job with 150 other candidates applying. The reality is that there are roughly 100,000 people looking for jobs in the energy industry and I am one of them. There are very few energy jobs out there; I’ve seen only 3 job postings in between the time I started interviewing 3 weeks ago and now. 

I will admit that I’m frightened about my future. I admit to maybe feelIng sorry for myself a little bit. Most of all, I’m worried. I’ve done everything I was supposed to do my whole life: Graduate high school, go to college, graduate college, work as a professional, do my best at everything I committed to doing… And here I am on my 4th layoff. I wonder how I have gotten to this point when I’ve always had top notch reviews and gotten commendations for my hard, high quality work. I have a good start at my retirement, but a long ways to go. I have a large auto payment, a house payment and a few other bills that require payment and I wonder how I’m going to meet those payments. 

So, as it has been for my whole life, the adventure continues with the peaks and valleys, where I’m in a valley. 


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Life, Tenuous Life

This Monday morning I was reminded how tenuous the high wire of Life is. Today Mr. Belly Acres had to go to out patient procedure part of the Hospital. While he was in recovery (out patient “procedure” not “surgery”) the man in the next recovery room coded. Literary, Code Blue. Since we were 4 feet away with a puny wall between us and with only a privacy curtain of a wall near the Nurses Station, we heard everything. It was the most upsetting experience I’ve had in a very long time.

The day started rather boring. Mr Belly Acres had to lay flat for 4 hours in recovery, head down legs flat; do not lift your head, do not bend your leg. Since that’s a stinking long time, I was sitting in one of the chairs provided reading my book; and, every once in a while, helping Mr Belly Acres with most various stuff he needed help doing. The next thing I know, I hear first a woman shout… It was a flat out panic shout…very frantic and very upset. Directly after, our nurse  went sprinting by and grabbed the code cart. On the speaker, the operator said “Code Blue to outpatient, Code Blue to outpatient” and all hell broke loose. People were flat out sprinting to the room next to us, a woman was crying, chaos ensued. Then it was over. The Code Blue was cancelled and the man was alive. He was hit twice with the defibrillator in less that 2 minutes. 

When everything started happening I went to stand by Mr Belly Acres and chat more to distract myself than to distract him. If it all went wrong, I did not want the memory of the tragic end in my brain. It didn’t matter, though, because he was back and rushed back into the procedure room to replace the stents that were just implanted. By the time Mr. Belly Acres and I left, the gentleman was back in recovery making sarcastic jokes about him now knowing “how to get women all hot and bothered”.

In the end, Mr Belly Acres was released to go home and had no problems in recovery or the next 48 hours. The “incident” was a reminder that life is precious and it should be treasured as the special gift that it is. I’m quite glad that the man recovered completely  and, as of when we left, was doing fine. I will remember, though, that your loved ones precious and should be treated like the fragile treasure they are.


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Another Job Hunt

Having a degree in Geophysics has been something I’ve been extremely proud of since my graduation. It was a huge accomplishment and not at all easy to get. Some of the hardest classes were Quantum Physics & Fourier Series.

Having a degree in Geophysics has also been something that has caused me the greatest heartache since my graduation. The Energy industry is extremely fickle. Some don’t realise how fickle… On March 31, I was unemployed for the 4th time in my career. Let me tell you that it does not get any easier with practice. In fact, though I pride myself on not having my self worth wrapped up in my job, the constant rejection is nearly overwhelming. I can assure you, it doesn’t matter how much the give you at the good by party, it’s not nearly enough to over come the rejection. I am so lucky to have Papa and the dogs… They really have been my saving grace. I’ve been able to keep away from the dark thoughts that plague me in this uncertain time. 

But always, there is hope on the horizon in the form of another job opportunity. I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch. I will say that I am going to a second interview to an investment bank where they help companies who are going to purchase data and other companies have an unbiased opinion of the data and reserves the company to be purchased. It is contract, but that is actually a good thing. I will be responsible for my own healthcare and I will be able to deduct my mileage, auto payments miles to work and healthcare just to name a few. I’m hopeful. I got for my final interview tomorrow and have been told I’m the only candidate to have gotten that far. It’ll also be a bit different as I’ll be the data majordomo and I’ll have the opportunity to set the standards that the data will be implemented into the software.

So, tomorrow is a new day. I’m not James Bond but may feel like one by the end of the day. 


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Homeopathic Muscle Cramp Recipe using Essential Oils

Here is the recipe I use for muscle cramps:


You don’t have to use the oils I’ve provided in the above links. However, these oils are quite reasonable in price and the selection is also very good. Be careful with the Clove oil. If it gets in the eyes it’s a bugger. Also, if you have a reaction, you can reduce it if you like. I find that Clove Oil give heat and it also helps with pain.


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Changing Pew’s Mid-Stream

My Nana was known for her turns of phrase and eclectic vocabulary. Thing-a-ma-jig, Whatcha-jiggy & Do-hicky are just a few examples of her unique descriptive. One that she used that is very different from anything I’ve ever heard and seems to be an adulteration of several phrases is “Changing Pews Mid-Stream”. I’ve never heard anyone else anyone else use it, but it’s most definitely an accurate description of my career.

It’s very unusual for someone to completely change the direction of their career in the middle. Oh, there are times when it’s necessary like when the Auto Industry went Ka-put or even when the Oil Industry, my industry, went Ka-put back in the 80’s. However, 2 years ago I was given the opportunity to move from the Drilling side of the world to the Reservoir Engineering side of the world. Let me state that I am not an Engineer, I am a scientist. They are NOT the same thing. Engineers try to prove something right. Scientists try to prove something wrong. It’s a different side of the same cube. The thinking process is not the same thing at all… of course both use scientific process, but one is the glass is half empty (scientists) and one is the glass is have full (engineers). I have spent the better part of 20 years being a scientist.

I have always been up for an intellectual challenge, which I accepted the challenge. However, I am also realistic and I will never make a fantastic engineer. I’ll make a good analyst and I’ll certainly be able handle what they throw at me. And I do enjoy what I’m doing. With that said, I won’t be an exceptional engineer, something I’m ok with. I would rather learn something new and have a wider range of skills than to be in my comfort zone only.

This year has been quite frustrating for me, mostly because I’m used to excelling and over achieving. I’ve been a top ranked employee for many, many years. In this particular team, everyone is an over achiever and they are all the best of the best… a testament to the management of my employer and my department. The frustration has been quite overwhelming at times, and has made my learning process more difficult at times. I think what makes it worse is that this isn’t rocket science I’m doing, which just goes to show how something simple can be something difficult if it’s in a different format.

With that said, I’m off to do more stuff that isn’t hard but is hard. I feel better having fussed about it a bit… sometimes getting it our makes the confidence go back up!


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70 Years Ago this Week

I had intended on writing this post on Monday, but I was busy at work and then pooped here at home. I decided to put it off and managed to keep putting it off until this evening.

Monday was the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima. Called Operation Detachment, the fighting was long and hard, lasting until March 27th. The island was critical to defeating Japan as it afforded the bombers a refueling location on the way to main land Japan.


Barely a speck on the surface of the Pacific Ocean, once explored by Captain Cook himself, the islands true claim to fame was the photo taken by Joe Rosenthal that won the Pulitzer for Photography. With in days of when the photo was taken, three of the 6 men were killed, and a total of 26,000 marines were killed or injured in just 26 days. In addition, the USS Bismarck was sunk & the USS Saratoga was as close to sinking as a ship can get.

Every year, there are less and less WWII vets around. All of them, are over 90 years old, my Step Grandpa Douglass being one of them. People these days can’t be bothered with each other, let alone looking backward. It seems like people are taking a long drink from the same well the Nazi’s did. I wonder what the future holds for the world. Will it be like the fall of Rome, when the world was plunged into the Dark Ages for 700 years? If the terrorists get their way, that’s exactly what will happen.

What I saying is, remember those who came before you, especially those who fought in the name of freedom & peace.
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Fancy Car –> Fancy Speeding Ticket

This morning started out on the wrong foot. I was tooling along on the Katy Toll Road, running with traffic. Once we filtered off the toll road to merge onto the Katy I saw a Houston City Police car on the left side shoulder. When he put his foot on the break, I knew he was going to pull out and I knew I was going to get a ticket; my car was the most expensive car in the grouping. I was right. When I pulled over to the left shoulder, he followed me and pulled in behind me. Great.

Something that really bugs me about life in the big city is that there are no such things as warnings and the police generally don’t care and are unsympathetic. Now, I’m not saying that I wasn’t speeding. I was. But, I also took care to position my vehicle so the officer was protected. I turned on the interior lights of the car on so he could see my activity and I told him before I reached for my purse that I was going to stick my hand in there… all things that help a police feel moderately safe in a traffic stop. I was friendly, cheerful, respectful and most importantly I didn’t try any histrionics to get out of the ticket. And for all that… I got a ticket that wasn’t reduced in any way and a terse explanation of how I can pay my ticket or where to go if I want to fight it.

I have no intention of fighting the ticket. I was speeding, after all. It just would have been nice not to get one or to have the officer just give a warning. But, I’ve come to believe that warnings don’t happen in the Big City, either. At least, they don’t to slightly chubby blondes driving a Mercedes Benz GLK 350.

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