Post Hurricane Harvey – Dirty Little Secret

If you have been watching the news about Harvey, but you didn’t get flooding either in the Street or worse, I your house, you don’t know Harvey’s dirty little secret. The media know about it, but definitely aren’t talking about it. So what is “it” what is the secret?  Looting. Yes, looting. 

The first day of the flooding, for us, was August 26th. That very day, at around noon, a man was stopped from looting in the middle of the day, by the home owners neighbors. That night, one of the homes at the front of the subdivision, closest to the road, a looter broke into an occupied home and was chased off. 

On the 27th Emergency personnel made their lives easier if the flooding continued, and also made the looting easier also. Each home that did not have occupants had a day glow orange “C”. If the hom was inhabited, there was a day glow “H”. 

That night, my neighbor heard the house behind him being ransacked and chased the looters off with his .45

My point is, I don’t live in a bad neighborhood. Quite the contrary. I live in a good working class neighborhood that is safe, patrolled by police. One of my neighbors is on Houstons SWAT in downtown Houston for the court houses. 

If you ever Watch the News, then you know it isn’t being talked about. I know it’s happening because ppl i’m working with have similarly stories and issues. I get it, I get why looting isn’t being talked about. When an entire city, 6.5 million people, has nearly everything they love destroyed, moral is hugely important. 

Now, Florida will be going thru the same thing. I am praying for them. 


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