Tuesday PM updateWe are still dry. We have water that was higher than this morning, see my pics. I have done two facebook live videos (can’t express how proud of myself for that feat) showing the water build up. In addition, the last live video showed two USCG Jawhawk helicopters doing roof rescues in the neighborhood behind us which is closer to the bayou. The link to the video below.

I will do another facebook live in the AM. The National Media is not showing the proper point of view. There are so many good people here helping other. New York SAR drove 36 hours to help. We have seen the Cajun Navee in our neighborhood. I strongly urge you to watch streaming footage from http://www.ktrk.com to see the real houston. 

There are spontaneous shelters going up and ready in a couple of hours. To my best guess, in the big shelters alone, there are 40,000 displaced. But truly, I suspect that the number is double that because of the churches that have been opening their doors with out media presence. 

I am now in love with the Army Corp of Engineers. They have been continually monitoring the Addicks Reservoir water shed, which is where our flooding is coming from, and earlier today they saw that there was a need to expel additional water than what they originally planned. They increased the output. It’s a blessing. So far the water has stopped rising. (Keep your fingers crossed). Both Lil’ Bit and Jenny have been in the front yard exploring. 

They will have to pry us out of here with a crowbar. I remain cheerful and optimistic. 

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*I'm a Northern Girl livin' in the South. *I graduated with a BS in Geophysics from Michigan Technological University (MTU). *I have critters: 2 dogs & 1 cat. *I love thunder and rain days. Too much sunshine gets on my nerves. (How I survive in Texas I do not know!) *I'm trying to remove swearing from my vocabulary (Good Luck!). *I'm the last single in my group of friends. The rest of the turn coats got married. *Sadly, the above friends are now procreating. Now the world will have yet more strange and twisted individuals that will have to go to an Engineering School to survive. *Yoopers do exist. Look on a map. *Marvin the Martian and I have a lot in common. We're both cranky when crossed and generally like our own way. *I will never be a model! (Thank god, that starvation stuff has GOT to be painful!!!). *I am not Fat! (Even though that little voice behind my right ear might tell me that every single day). *I am normal. Whatever that means! *Yes, you can be smart and not be a geek. *I've been told I'm not boring. We'll see. *Much to my irritation, I have been described as Eccentric. *I cannot spell! *Being Single is a frame of mind. *Who said life was fair?
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