I find it amazing that people can be so diverse & complicated on something so simple as window washing.

There are folks that never have a kind word to say about anything. One of those folks is in the office right across from mine. Today at lunch time, I walked by the outer windows and noted, quite loudly, that they were washing the windows. This fella walked over and said “Yeah, they’ve got one that does the upper floors & one that does the bottom floors. It must be a Union operation.” with his best sour puss voice. Being blonde is a good thing at moments like these. I turned to him, puzzled expression on my face, and asked “How do you mean?” and made him recount all of the reasons why this had to be a “Union Operation”. I have to admit, it sounded just as stupid as I thought it would when said out loud.

Why is it that there are folks that always see things from a negative perspective. It never fails, this fella has a negative response for everything. He’s a quick thinker & he can come up with them fast, but every single thing has an angle. He’s a case study, really. Now I try to find things that he doesn’t have a negative comment for & I’ll admit is a bit of a challenge. He’s remarkably good at finding the worst in any situation, even the free birthday cake they have every month.

It’s gotten me thinking. What events in life occur to make a person feel that they are beaten? Did they always start out like this? When they were born, did they think “Damn, it’s never going to be better than this moment!”; or, did it gradually happen over time until they got to the point that they didn’t even notice that they’re not the same person they were when they started this adventure?

Interesting. It something to ponder. I know that I don’t want to turn into a negative person. I would like to think that I’m a ‘glass half full’ kind of girl. With that said, I’m going to work extra hard at being a little more positive in the future. It stands to reason that if I do it long enough it’ll become true, if it wasn’t necessarily true to begin with.


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*I'm a Northern Girl livin' in the South. *I graduated with a BS in Geophysics from Michigan Technological University (MTU). *I have critters: 2 dogs & 1 cat. *I love thunder and rain days. Too much sunshine gets on my nerves. (How I survive in Texas I do not know!) *I'm trying to remove swearing from my vocabulary (Good Luck!). *I'm the last single in my group of friends. The rest of the turn coats got married. *Sadly, the above friends are now procreating. Now the world will have yet more strange and twisted individuals that will have to go to an Engineering School to survive. *Yoopers do exist. Look on a map. *Marvin the Martian and I have a lot in common. We're both cranky when crossed and generally like our own way. *I will never be a model! (Thank god, that starvation stuff has GOT to be painful!!!). *I am not Fat! (Even though that little voice behind my right ear might tell me that every single day). *I am normal. Whatever that means! *Yes, you can be smart and not be a geek. *I've been told I'm not boring. We'll see. *Much to my irritation, I have been described as Eccentric. *I cannot spell! *Being Single is a frame of mind. *Who said life was fair?
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