Fees, Fees, Fees

Fees are the things that make companies rich, make us poor & make me angry!

I was so excited just before Christmas because I got the new Droid Pro. I have my account through Verizon and the iPhone wasn’t out yet and I needed instant email access while I was off at the Grandparents house if Florida. By all accounts, I’ve been very, very happy with the phone and the email on the fly. It was very easy to use, very easy to set up and I was thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. I mean, I’m able to get my email when ever and where ever. That’s primarily how I communicate. Or I text, but mostly I email.

But today, when I opened my bill, I had a serious let down. First… there was a $29.99 fee to connect my personal email to my device. It’s done electronically and that fee is ON TOP OF my unlimited email, web & data plan. Then, the jerk-off’s also decided to take a month in advance on the email to smart phone fee. so, I got socked with an additional $29.99, on for the first month in advance and one for the month I just used when I bought the phone.

It seems like lately, if your in a capitalistic economy, then you’re about fees. I know that we’re all for making money and doing well, but there’s a line between making money – doing well and raping the public for everything you can get away with (and then some). For example, my trip to Florida. Had I sat in Economy and not bumped up to First, I would have been charged for my luggage, for either an aisle seat or a window seat or for the seats with more leg room (Exit Aisle). The price of my flight from a $250 round trip could have increased to nearly $400, just by choice of seating and wanting cloths. Now, to add insult to injury, the Airlines are making Billions (yes, with a “B”) on these fees and making a nice profit.

When did we, as a society, cross the line and allow companies to take such advantage of us? It happened somewhere between 1950 & today. There was a time when companies were committed, truly, to customer care and retention. Now it’s all about money. That’s it. The big companies don’t care about their clients. They don’t care whether or not their clients stay. Both the Wireless & Airline companies have proven that with their “Fees”. There are a few exceptions. Clear.com is a wireless internet company that I’ve had great success with and they have one price, that price includes all taxes and “fees”. Southwest airlines also abstains from fees (for the most part). But then, in my opinion, Southwest treats their clients like cattle for boarding. I paid for a seat, not to stand in line so I can get a seat I would like.

When I can and where practical, I boycott these types of situations. If it wouldn’t have taken 2 days, I would have driven to my Grandma’s house, rather than fly. But, a 2 day drive isn’t any fun and it isn’t cheap. I can easily pay the money for a flight and be there relaxed enjoying myself.

Will I boycott this phone and the email to smart phone? No. Frankly, it’s just too handy and I’ve already gotten so used to it that I really wouldn’t want to give it up. It just pisses me off that I have to pay a “fee” for it. Dang it… tell me the price, have that price include all “fee’s” and taxes so I don’t have to guess or be deceived into spending more of my money than I think I am.

Be honest about it. That’s where the great feelings come from a job well done with happy clients done the right way. In my opinion, CEO’s should be thinking more about this philosophy than the bonus they’re going to get even tho their company is losing money.


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3 Responses to Fees, Fees, Fees

  1. Roket Man says:

    Oh God, you’re about to set me off on a rant! Take, for instance, Appalachian Power and their fees and taxes: They have had 12 rate increases in the past 4 years (and several denied by the State Corporation Commission in the same period) yet are screaming that they’re losing money. At the same time, our monthly budget billing payment went from $72 four years ago to $166.50 now. That’s an increase of more that 100% so how can they be losing money? They claim it’s actually only a 49% increase so I may need a new calculator. Last year they asked for a rate increase because customer demand had declined and they were having trouble with fuel costs. How can it cost more to produce less electricity and why should we be charged more for conserving energy?


  2. Joe says:

    Make no mistake socialism isn’t suddenly a pure system without manipulation…rather it’s a government run manipulation that continues to screw you and leave you with no choice…sad fact: dishonesty is a human problem and giving anyone unlimited power isn’t the solution. That said it is never cool to be screwed by a company and then have them add insult to injury by treating you like a fool…that’s just plain irritating and it’s rife these days…talk about a sign of the times.


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