A point of complete stupidity…

I am, of course, talking about the Deepwater Horizon disaster. If you were able to watch the interview with the Chief Electronics man there on the rig, then you know that the Shit has done hit the fan. Someone will go to jail for their negligence.

In the O&G industry… the client, in this case BP, is in all cases usually responsible for problems of this nature. They’re always right. They always want it faster, harder and cheaper. Anything to save a buck, anything to get their way. In this case, they did a lot of things wrong. They wanted twice as much in 1/2 the time.

There were safety mechanisms that were broken (the blow out pressure valve) and there were things that weren’t working properly. But last of all, the desire to flush the “mud” out and replace with salt water (a highly dangerous maneuver in the best of times) were a combination for disaster.

I’ve been in this industry for nearly 14 years. I’ve not been on a water platform (only land), but I talk to people and I had my education to know what’s what. I know the lingo, I know what should go on and what shouldn’t. I know what goes on down in the bottom of a borehole.

There have been years and years where the O&G industry was riding the golden horse. Safety is a joke to these people. Until this happens and they pay thru the nose for their negligence.

My heart goes out to the families. The people of the Valdez disaster are still waiting for their money. They’ve not been paid yet. In the mean time, BP is doing a half assed job of trying to fix things. If they don’t get this fixed, the oil is going to get into the Trans-Atlantic current (the same current that effects our weather) and then there’s no way a true disaster can be averted.

So today, I say a prayer to the folks of the Deepwater Horizon… all of them. I hold the families of those killed in my prayers. They are the true losers in all of this… they are the ones at the tip of the sward we should be using to get some regulations enforced.

If you want to know what really happened, go here and watch these two videos. Like I said, someone will do jail time for this… it’s that damning. And heartbreaking.





I borrowed the video below from Huffington Post. I figured they wouldn’t mind that much.


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4 Responses to A point of complete stupidity…

  1. Beth says:

    It is indeed, very heartbreaking.


  2. ROCKET says:

    The really bad news is that the 60 Minutes story talked about another rig in the Gulf that’s in even worse shape than this one before the disaster. I’ll be astounded if anyone actually does go to jail over this. Big money usually means a fine and slap on the wrist in today’s world. As far as paying for this goes, as usual we’ll do the paying…..at the pump, the seafood markets and at the grocery checkouts.


  3. CAROL says:

    Yes I saw that 60 minute thing and sat in silence as the guy spilled his story to us. AMAZING that no one has been killed before now.. They should all pay by going to jail because that sort of negligence is DEADLY.. : )


  4. Terry says:

    It just makes me sick when I see and hear these things. And now to find out a gentleman has been warning them for some time and they’re trying to say this is not true. It’s time the government agency personel that is suppose to oversee these things is given a good house cleaning and people put in that are not so in the oil companies pockets.


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