Fizz’z Fantastic Fun…

Today was a fantastic day. I went to see the Houston Texas with my friend and colleague Susan.

On the way there, we pulled up to a light & I couldn’t believe my eyes. sitting there in the middle of the road was a black dog who was long in the tooth. Just sitting there in the middle of the road.

I get out, and start herding it towards the side of the road. The poor babe was deaf and had mange on it’s butt. No collar to speak of and arthritis so bad in the back end. It tried to go back the way it was going once, but I held my ground. It gave up and just went the direction I was pushing it towards.

Susan was very upset. We decided to go to McDonalds and get the poor thing some food. They weren’t serving lunch yet, so we had to get 2 chicken patties and a cup of water. While she was ordering, I called 311 to find the number of the Animal Control. When we got back to where the poor pooch was, it wasn’t there. Well doggonit, the thing wasn’t moving that fast, where the heck did it go?? We found it down one of the side streets sniffing at bags looking for food. I get out, while Susan calls Animal Control (who is closed on Sundays, interestingly, so if you need them on a Sunday you’re SOL) and start feeding the little girlie pieces of chicken. Once she smelled what was in the bag, she nearly leapt in my lap.

After the food was gone, we had done what we could so we headed on to the game. We were both in somber moods. A critter doesn’t get that old living out in the wild, especially deaf. The poor thing had been dumped by some worthless human being who decided that they didn’t want her any more. People who do that should be shot. Those poor creatures have to rely on us for everything and when people fail to live up to what they should, the only one that suffers is the critter. I pray that someone is able to help that doggie when animal control is open. I am not. I am not risking mange or worse getting near my dogs. Most mange is curable, but some are not. Some are fatal.

Once we got to the stadium, it got really fun really quickly. We got food and ate and then I went down to the seat to get some photos while Susan stayed in the Suite where the AC was pumped up and her knee didn’t have to take the stairs. Here are some of my best photos:

Starting line up



If you’re interested in more photo’s, go here:

The game was marred by only one thing. Towards the end of the game, there were a lot of drunk people wandering around gettin’ out of hand. A man came up to the railing next to where I was sitting with Susan and started chatting with me. Unfortunately, he quickly took my being friendly for something else and began flirting with me. It made me feel very uncomfortable and tarnished the day a bit. Eventually he did go away, but there is no reason why a woman in this day and age should have to “have” to put up with stuff like that.

When I got home, Papa had a lovely fire in the fireplace and I set about downloading my photo’s onto my computer and getting them all uploaded to the various places that I upload… Facebook, Picasa & Smugmug…

Have a great evening…. I’m going to go watch more football and think about going to bed early, I’m pooped!


© ‘Fizz’ 2009


About Fizz

*I'm a Northern Girl livin' in the South. *I graduated with a BS in Geophysics from Michigan Technological University (MTU). *I have critters: 2 dogs & 1 cat. *I love thunder and rain days. Too much sunshine gets on my nerves. (How I survive in Texas I do not know!) *I'm trying to remove swearing from my vocabulary (Good Luck!). *I'm the last single in my group of friends. The rest of the turn coats got married. *Sadly, the above friends are now procreating. Now the world will have yet more strange and twisted individuals that will have to go to an Engineering School to survive. *Yoopers do exist. Look on a map. *Marvin the Martian and I have a lot in common. We're both cranky when crossed and generally like our own way. *I will never be a model! (Thank god, that starvation stuff has GOT to be painful!!!). *I am not Fat! (Even though that little voice behind my right ear might tell me that every single day). *I am normal. Whatever that means! *Yes, you can be smart and not be a geek. *I've been told I'm not boring. We'll see. *Much to my irritation, I have been described as Eccentric. *I cannot spell! *Being Single is a frame of mind. *Who said life was fair?
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5 Responses to Fizz’z Fantastic Fun…

  1. Beth says:

    Poor dog. I hope that it is taken care of.The game sounds fun and the pictures are very good.


  2. Joe says:

    There’s a lot of stuff like that. My wife took pictures of some dogs that were rescued from terrible abuse here and it’s really heart breaking to see these animals who trust as you say being treated like that. Nice pictures of the game, sorry to hear about the annoyance, you’re right, you shouldn’t have to put up with that.


  3. Babblelot says:

    Oh that poor dog. I hope someone rescues it.I’m glad you had fun at the game. Pictures are great.Oh that fire in the fireplace sounds good.


  4. ♬ŠŨŇ says:

    Firstly, I agree with you. How can somone have a dog for a long time, then just disgard it? (because it’s old) You would think they would be so attached to it. Disgusting!!! Your pics look stunning, I would love to go to a game like that, it must be electric.I wouldn’t mind a fire like that either, real. Take care, Xx


  5. Rambling says:

    That is heartbreaking about the dear old gild dog. Bless her heart and you all too for trying to help and I agree with you except I say shooting is too go0od for low down creatures (humans) who do that.


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