Can’t resist the rant…

OK. I wasn’t going to rant today. BUT… I drove to work. AND, some Bozo made me very angry. So, you get this! 😉

On the Freeway that I drive to work, the Entrance and Exit ramps are set up so that one could feasibly take the on and off ramps to avoid the intersection but not actually get on the freeway. In rush hours, Houston drivers will frequently use this aggressive method to “beat” traffic, thus cutting their commute to where ever they are going.

The problem with it is that they don’t allow those of us who are truly trying to merge into the on ramp lane, to enter the freeway,  to actually merge. So, every morning, I try to get into the lane that lets me merge onto the freeway, but someone won’t let me in. There are some days where I’ll have to come to a full stop in and wait in order to merge into the lane to get onto the freeway.

This morning, I had some bozo in a truck not only intentionally block me from merging (I was 1/2 into the lane and I did use my indicator) but then sped up, slammed on his brakes, flipped me off and then tried to swerve into me when I was on the freeway, several hundred yards onto the freeway.

What is UP with these people? Seriously. I work hard at driving with the speed of traffic, indicating before switching lanes, letting people in my lane who indicate and generally be a good driver. And then there are people like this, who intentionally go out of their way to be a dummkompf.

It’s so very frustrating for me. The commute for everyone would go easier and be so much more pleasant if everyone would play nice and not try to get there as fast as they can. If they would go with traffic and the slower traffic would keep to the right like they’re supposed to, then we’d all get to where we’re going much quicker than we do…


So… I’m off to workies. Having a better day, now that I’m off the roads. I had to gripe about the heat in my office, it was really warm. No surprise as it’s the first really cool day we’ve had. Yesterday was a start and they haven’t gotten the heat sorted out yet. NBD, they’re very good about trying to accommodate the temperature.

Have a good day!


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8 Responses to Can’t resist the rant…

  1. Beth says:

    That is a very good rant. We take our lives in our hands every time we get out the roads. Road rage is prevalent everywhere. I had a semi driver try to run me off the road once. Seemingly nice people can turn into monsters when they get on the road.


  2. Joe says:

    Driving rants are the most readily available sadly. It’s surprising that some people seem to think that that the roads were made for themselves alone and not for everyone. It’s reached the point where people not only drive badly but they despise everyone else out there that is even a perceived obstacle for them. Scary stuff, now that I’ve got children I feel it even more when I’m in the car, some people don’t care who they hurt. Blessed journey both ways my friend.


  3. Terry says:

    I hate driving the freeways but at least here if you get on the ramp your on the freeway. You can get the plate number and turn them in but nothing happens of course.


  4. Sherry says:

    What a jerk! I’m glad he didn’t force you off the road or ram you though, you could have been hurt. Some people think where they are going and what they have to do are more important then anyone else’s.Hope your drive home is uneventful.


  5. Babblelot says:

    I am glad you survived your drive to work this morning.Drivers like that sadly enough end up in an accident sooneror later. Have a cheery day my friend!


  6. Dana says:

    Oh that would be so hard to put up with! We have one road in and one road out of this little town and it’s all one road! They actually call it a hwy.. hwy 95 but it’s a one lane each side thing. If you go north you go to Canada, if you go south you’re headed to Sandpoint and then washington or south Idaho. LOL People drive their 4 wheelers to and from here, as well as golf carts.. we wouldn’t be good mergers!


  7. Rita says:

    I know what you mean, some people are awful. My brother was one of them. If someone went into his lane infront of him..and I am not talking about people who cut in and almost scrape your bumper… just a normal lane change, he would blow a fit! He would speed up till he was almost touch bumpers and curse and then go around the person while flipping them off. Very embaressing and I stopped riding with him.


  8. Rambling says:

    Oh I hate to read that this happened. I have it too as does everyone else who replied just about but I hate it when it happens to people I like and certainly to myself.The last worst experience I had was driving into Philadelphia with my Tennessee license plates. People must think if you’re from the South, they have to be especially rude, scary and obnoxious. That’s the first time I had jerques just following on my tailpipe & blowing the horn. I learned to drive in Philly (not where I’m from..just we lived nearby there when I was a teen) so it’s not like I don’t know. These were THE most obnoxious humans I ever saw in a driving situation. Luckily when my SIL died last year and we had to rent a car and drive from Philly International Airport to central New Jersey..all was well.


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