Edmund Fitzgerald…

Today is the day that Edmund Fitzgerald went down, 34 years ago. Today also reminds me of my friend Mikey, as he was a merchant marine and dealt with the danger that Lake Superior poses every day. A merchant marine on the Great Lakes deals with the danger that the lakes pose every day.

The lakes are much more dangerous than the ocean, as they are large bodies of water, but small enough to reap havoc and create some monster waves. Here’s an example. Take two tubs that you can lift. Make one quite a bit larger than the other. Fill them both with the same level of water. Now, giggle them. Which one is easier to giggle? Which one creates larger ripples? The smaller one, right? Well, that’s how the Great Lakes are, the Northern winds whip across the lakes, this is the very same effect. The video below shows an example of how nasty it can be…

I have lived in MI for most of my life. I went to University on the shores of Lake Superior. I have seen the Lady (Lake Superior) with 20 foot waves. She is a sight to be hold, frightening but also, bold. The day that stands out in my mind, the waves were at 20 feet, hitting the breakers hard and high. The waves would stretch into the are a good 50 feet when they hit. It takes your breath away… ask Cindy Up North, she’ll tell you…

Gordon Lightfoot got it right, you know… 


Today… say a prayer and send the light to the families and men of the Edmund Fitzgerald…


© ‘Fizz’ 2009


PS – On a lighter note, the brother of my friend was the streaker at the Tampa Bay/Green Bay football game this week… He says that he’s crossed this off his Bucket List… that must be SOME bucket list!




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7 Responses to Edmund Fitzgerald…

  1. Beth says:

    That is a really cool song. I am old enough to remember when that happened. :-(If that guy was going to streak he should have slimmed down first. LOL


  2. john says:

    the streak….ooohhh granma the streak….what was that song? Put the streak out on the lake in january, with dat big belly make a good floater over the breakers.rode the waves of the north atlantic, they get much higher, up to fifty feet. It is they are much longer and one can ride them whereas the lake waves are shorter and break things easier on long boats. it was quite the adventure goetting off the ship onto the tugboat riding 20 foot waves. We would climb down the cargo net and as the tugboat came up we would jump onto the tug and a couple of guys would grab us and pull onboard. more fun then a roller coaster.


  3. Fizz says:

    I decided to upload different photos as I was very concerned that MSN would shutdown my site… on the other ones you couldn’t see anything at all, but I decided that covering more was a good idea… I’ve heard about people having a tuff time of getting MSN to back off once the threat to shut down was extended…


  4. Joe says:

    Lakes can be dangerous things, I don’t know much about the great lakes but I know that lake Yellowstone here has been the death of many people. Not only does the weather change at the drop of a hat…people have even been struck by lightning out of a blue sky…but also the water is deadly cold…I’ve read of bodies coming ot the surface that were wearing clothes from another era…deep, cold, deadly but very beautiful…definitely lakes are things to respect. I can’t say streaking is on my bucket list…of course in this state it would likely lead to being beaten to a pulp…maybe that has something to do with it! I’m glad you didn’t get shut down today LOL!


  5. Babblelot says:

    Gordon Lightfoot, one of my fav’s. I remember that day. I miss Lake Michigan sooo much. I miss the waves crashing the cement piers and the seagulls hovering the waters. I recall the days when the coal ships were brought in by tugs and watching the coal being unloaded. The fishing boats coming in with their catch and pulling up to the wharf. Oops, sorry I babbled on. The first Christmas trees were brought down from Michigan down to Chicago. The mighty lake took her down and the crew. I love Egg Harbor on the tip of the thumb of WI. I best stop before I blather away more. Have a great day my friend. Nice seeing yer friend’s brother…LOL!


  6. Terry says:

    Kind of makes you wonder what else is on his bucket list, doesn’t it, lol. I would be so mortified if I were with someone who did that. Would laugh but mortified, lol. Saw a report on the Edmond Fitsgerald on the local news yesterday.


  7. Kuskulana says:

    Loved the video.You are absolutely dead wrong about the lakes being more dangerous or having bigger waves.It is all about wind speed, depth and fetch (distance the wind can propogate waves).Your Superior Lake is a calm little pond compared with much bigger oceans, the north Atlantic for one.The streaker shit kind of ruins it for me, bad taste, I guess like yer reaction to the song DowntownTouche


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