Gen-X, Gen-Y & Religion…

I watched a video on that completely fascinated me ( A recent study by Professor Putnam of Harvard University shows that men and women of Generation X & Generation Y are leaving their religion because of the hard right political views.

I understand this completely. I am a believer in social issues: Health care, unemployment assistance, job location assistance and the like. Many folks in my generation are similar on these points of view. They don’t believe that there should be no social advocacy in America, something nearly all churches promote: Low taxes, no government assistance, every man for them selves, if you’ve lost your job or are poor, too bad-so sad you are on your own.

When I was at University, I tried nearly every church in the area, looking for a church that fit me. I had criteria. The people had to me nice. The church had to promote philanthropy and helping others. The pastor/priest/reverend had to be entertaining and eloquently deliver a message that I not only understood, but could apply to my life and how I live. The church had to be actively involved in helping the poor of the area, the homeless, the jobless or the sick.

I did not find an organized religion that I could identify with. I didn’t not set a rigid criteria, I figured if I could find a church that I agreed with 60% – 75% of, then I would stick with that church and become involved. I was willing to make concessions, I was willing to be flexible with my opinions, keep my mouth shut when necessary and most of all, enjoy the people and the camaraderie of being with other like minded people towards a common cause.

Professor Putnam indicated in his interview that this is a large pool of people that could be dipped into and advocated. He indicated that America may not lose their religion, but rather have religion evolve to organize these people into a group people in a church atmosphere that works for them.

I found the video fascinating. If you’ve a mind, click the link above and take a look at what the video has to say. You might find it fascinating, too.


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2 Responses to Gen-X, Gen-Y & Religion…

  1. Babblelot says:

    I found the video fascinating. Since the government (Bush) offered grant monies to churches to help the locals of their area, basically so the government didn’t have to there, became a problem. The churches have to compete for the grant money and be rich enough to do so. So much of the money sits unclaimed. Ennaway I personally think all ages are questioning their church. Politics I think has crossed into religion and visa versa like peanutbutter and chocolate (heh). I found no matter what church you go to, there will always be some things of conflict and never enough of what you’d like to stay. I personally feel churches are doing more for other countries than for their own backyards. But they feel it their duty to spread the word as God says to do. Bush wanted churches to help the locals as the churches would know better who needs it. Sadly the people are not being helped. If we all had more love in our hearts to make a difference in our communities, what a change that would make. Great topic here Fizz.


  2. Rita says:

    When I was younger, going to Catholic school, I hated going to church. It was BORING, even then I felt it never helped peaple who needed help. I have not believed in organized religon in ages. I think we children of the 60’s reached out to new ideas and spiritualisim. But there was also searching in the late 1800 and 1920s…What does papa believe in?


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