A letter that won’t be mailed…

Last night I sat down and wrote a letter to my Aunts that won’t be mailed.

I’ve been losing sleep and I keep rehashing the events over and over again. I don’t change how I’d respond, because I feel like I responded the best way that I could under the circumstances.

So, I wrote down how I was feeling and told them that I felt that they were not being the good Christians they thought that they were. I also told them that playing the Martyr part was risky, Martyrs get burned at the steak in the end. That’s the best I can do.

I had to go back to the Dr. Now, I have a sinus infection. Yay. (roll eye) I’m off to take a nap, I feel like crap. Yikes… that rhymed!


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About Fizz

*I'm a Northern Girl livin' in the South. *I graduated with a BS in Geophysics from Michigan Technological University (MTU). *I have critters: 2 dogs & 1 cat. *I love thunder and rain days. Too much sunshine gets on my nerves. (How I survive in Texas I do not know!) *I'm trying to remove swearing from my vocabulary (Good Luck!). *I'm the last single in my group of friends. The rest of the turn coats got married. *Sadly, the above friends are now procreating. Now the world will have yet more strange and twisted individuals that will have to go to an Engineering School to survive. *Yoopers do exist. Look on a map. *Marvin the Martian and I have a lot in common. We're both cranky when crossed and generally like our own way. *I will never be a model! (Thank god, that starvation stuff has GOT to be painful!!!). *I am not Fat! (Even though that little voice behind my right ear might tell me that every single day). *I am normal. Whatever that means! *Yes, you can be smart and not be a geek. *I've been told I'm not boring. We'll see. *Much to my irritation, I have been described as Eccentric. *I cannot spell! *Being Single is a frame of mind. *Who said life was fair?
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10 Responses to A letter that won’t be mailed…

  1. Beth says:

    Putting down on paper is a good way to see things clearly so you can come to grips with them. Then the best thing to do is to destroy the paper.Take care Juli and feel better.Hugs,Beth


  2. Rusty says:

    Hi Juli Hunny: I agree with Beth dear putting it on paper is kind of like unloading it somewhere else and it gives you a sense of release, like a burden has been lifted. Give it over to God as He is the judge in the end and don’t worry so much about it. Take care hunny and feel better soon………………..Rusty ((HUGS))


  3. Shelly says:

    Fizz, you are an amazing woman. That’s exactly what you should do is write it out and then destroy it. They will not know why you feel the way you do but, I’m not sure they care. I sure hope you are feeling better soon! Take care!!ttfn


  4. Joe says:

    I’m fortunate to have a person or two that I can talk to and let it all hang out…I hate to admit that saying what I really would like to do when I’m burned at someone feels pretty darn good sometimes! I hate the little replays that want to haunt a person’s mind when all you’d really like to do is get past it yet I expect this is part of the process of working through things. Being a martyr has little value if you chose to die for something that had no worth…I concider that often and really try to be careful what battles I fight in light of the likely end result. Grace to you my friend and may you soon overcome your latest bout with illness…my goodness…when it rains it pours….may your rain be blessed this time.


  5. Ann says:

    Okay, write it out – but be sure you DESTROY it. If it accidentally got mailed, it might do more harm than good. Best,Nan


  6. ttboss007 says:

    oh dear it’s horrible rehashing things that stick in the mind but you are doing vey well to work through your pain. good on you for doing your best, and I hope that you will feel much better real soon.


  7. R U Serious says:

    Yeah!! Rascal Flatts!! You got a problem with that? LMAO!!!!!You are the third person here that has had a sinus infection! WTH???? Me? The Flu!! But then, I’m always sick in December!! Mumps, Measles, Throat cancer, Hepititus, Broken bones, Amputated toe, Pnuemonia, and now looking forward to Diabetes. But I still get my work done and keep a smile on my face!! Get Better!!Have a Fabulous 2009!XO


  8. Babblelot says:

    I’ve sat here and wrote three times for a comment. So what I will say is I am proud of you! Ya got it all out in a letter and destroyed the letter. It’s difficult to step into a situation you had no part of. It was wise to step out also. Didn’t you antibiotics for your infection in Michigan? Well you take care now and feel better. You do know 2009 is going to be one hum dinger of a great year for us, don’t you? So make your year one of the best girly, you deserve it! Your in my prayers and I’m hugg’in your afgan…lol. Why is it I can’t write serious. I always yuk something up so it’s ah no tears situation. Keep in touch. Again, I am proud of you!………….Toodster


  9. ♥ Aimee says:

    recieved your cad…hoping that you got ours…i know quite a few people in the States didn’t get it…i do know that we have been using that awesome warm blanket a lot…will send some pictures soon!♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥


  10. CAROL says:

    HI Juli.. I have been so messed up with the new computer and havin to learn so much lately. I am so far behind in what was happening here. Hope you are getting better. I do know bronchitis can sure take it out of you. Sounds like th trip to LAnsing was right in the middle of that blizzard we all had. I do know it was really bad and not a time to be out on the roads. You deserve a BIG KUDO for making it to your destination that day. Glad you are home in your bed and maybe now you can recover. So many hugs for you on the passing of your Grampa. Know in your heart that you will see him again.. he is so happy and carefree where he is now. I send you best healthy wishes for you and PA for 2009. : )


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