Missing the fun…

I usually do Black Friday with my good friend Mary and her sister. We treck out to the Galleria and we hit the stores at about 9am finishing at PF Changs at about 6 pm. We get most of the goodies we are looking for and we go fast and furious. It’s a great time for us all.

This year I didn’t do it. After the pain I experienced after the Nutcracker market, I didn’t want to do that again so I decided not to go. I’ve enjoyed the day but do miss the festivities.

I have had some pain, but that’s part of my life, now. I understand that I’m not likely to be pain free again. So.. I start onto my new life where I will have to work around my pain. I have purchased much goodies for my Christmas list and I’ve gotten all but two done.

I have done a running total on the amount of money I’ve spent on goodies and am in a reasonable range. I’m happy that it’s done, too. I just cant wait to wrap and have bows and ship them out  (as needed).

Papa and I are buying ourselves a new flat screen TV with surround sound. It’s going to be amazing. Best Buy offers this service where they come over and look at your place and give advice on what you need. Then, if you purchase the $100.00 fee is returned to you. Neat, eh? That allows us to work with what the Dogs are doing and we can go wireless or hang from the ceiling or what every. I know that it’s going to be good and it’s going to be professionally installed. When we get it in, I’ll show you the before and after so that you can see the difference. I don’t expect it to be completely installed until next week.

Happy Black Friday,

— Fizz —

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About Fizz

*I'm a Northern Girl livin' in the South. *I graduated with a BS in Geophysics from Michigan Technological University (MTU). *I have critters: 2 dogs & 1 cat. *I love thunder and rain days. Too much sunshine gets on my nerves. (How I survive in Texas I do not know!) *I'm trying to remove swearing from my vocabulary (Good Luck!). *I'm the last single in my group of friends. The rest of the turn coats got married. *Sadly, the above friends are now procreating. Now the world will have yet more strange and twisted individuals that will have to go to an Engineering School to survive. *Yoopers do exist. Look on a map. *Marvin the Martian and I have a lot in common. We're both cranky when crossed and generally like our own way. *I will never be a model! (Thank god, that starvation stuff has GOT to be painful!!!). *I am not Fat! (Even though that little voice behind my right ear might tell me that every single day). *I am normal. Whatever that means! *Yes, you can be smart and not be a geek. *I've been told I'm not boring. We'll see. *Much to my irritation, I have been described as Eccentric. *I cannot spell! *Being Single is a frame of mind. *Who said life was fair?
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11 Responses to Missing the fun…

  1. Beth says:

    You will love your new TV.  I bought one last year and I thoroughly enjoy it.
    I hope you are finally able to manage your pain somewhat.


  2. Joe says:

    I’m sorry about the pain holding things up for you but am so impressed with the other things you’re doing to keep things new and exciting.  I’d love a good HD TV but don’t know when that’ll happen.  I’ve got a PS3 which provides BluRay which is really made for HD but even with our regular TV you can see it beats DVDs.  Well, enjoy it all my friend, you deserve it!


  3. Babblelot says:

    I hear ya about working around the pain. It’s hard to know just how much one can do without overdoing it. Sorry you missed out on the festivities today. That really sucks when you just can’t do that anymore. A flat screen tv with surround sound. My big screen has surround sound and it is pretty cool. Can’t wait to see pictures. I have a surround system also and could never get it set up right. How great to have it done professionally. Have a good night Fizz and have some fun this weekend.


  4. CAROL says:

    WOW a new TV. I bet you can’t wait. wil be cool to see how you have it all hooked up. I have a feelign they wil be selling a lot of those
    sooner or later. Great deals in the papers for them the past few days. I still find the concept of a TV so skinny amazing!  Hope you have a pain free weeknd!  : )


  5. GreatGranny says:

    You are still in  my prayers and I hope the pain will ease up, so glad you got a new TV, I’ve been looking, but no idea yet. I hope you and your Dad have a good weekend, hugs


  6. JoAnn says:

    Looking forward to the before and after pics.  My thoughts and prayers are with you, hon!  Have a great weekend.  Hugs


  7. Cindy says:

    That sounds like a real good deal and you said Best Buy?  Hmmm…I’ll have to remember than one.  Our old RCA set won’t die but when it does, a big flat screen, surround sound is exactly what I want!
    I’d rather shop online than go to the hot, crowded stores full of rude people and screaming kids.  Have a good day my friend Fizz!


  8. Cynical says:

    If my neighbors’ surround sound is any indication, you’ll be able to sit anywhere in the living room and get a free vibratory massage while you watch TV.  See if you can write it off as a medical tax deduction.  I do hope you get some relief.Peace, Doc


  9. Leona says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, hope you get some relief from the pain soon. You are goiong to love that big screen, and the surround sound…grab a bucket of popcorn before you sit down. You will think you’re at the movies.


  10. Mr. Charlee Preston says:

    woof, hi! nice to meet you. come to visitme soon, woof


  11. Cheryl says:

    I do not go out on black friday.  I saw where a clerk at Walmart in NY was killed by the mob of people.  How crazy is that.  A flat screen,,,good for you all.  The Galeria!  I would not dare in black friday… Actually I have not been there for about 15 years.  Don’t miss it a bit…  Have not been to a mall in 14 years….  But then I am not a shopper…I order most online now.


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